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Crochet Trivia #15

Join Crochet Trivia – Fun, Trivia, Community, Laughter and a $25 Gift Card to spend at @Polymer Clay Shed <3

Posted by American Crochet Association on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, 14 June 2018, we’ve got 5 trivia questions for our general audience; live or on the replay!

And, we’ll be giving away a $25 gift card to spend at the Polymer Clay Shed!

You do not have to be a member with the ACA to enter this giveaway.

But… CLICK HERE If you’re ready to master crochet with the ACA today!



I love Polymer Clay

Living for over 30 Years in Berlin (Germany) I moved to the US in 1998, together with my family , Hubby and 3 kids. I was always involved in some kind of crafts, not always Polymer Clay but painting in oil, scrap booking, art projects with my kids and our girl scouts troup.In 2007 I rediscovered Polymer Clay, which I had used in 2nd grade to make a Christmas ornament in art class. I can’t stop working with it ever since. I love combining colors and coming up with new designs.
The technique used in my work Is called “caning” in which a cane, or a long roll of Polymer Clay is made with a design that runs the full length of the cylinder. This can be sliced and applied to flat or curved surfaces as a design element. This process imitates the technique used in making certain types of glass beads and is called millefiori. The completed piece is finished by sanding and buffing.
All the canes I am using are 100% hand crafted and designed by me. I am using Premo clay for my creations.

Crochet Trivia is held live on our Facebook page every Thursday at 11:30 pdt / 2:30 est, and we always host a fun giveaway that is open to all who participate!

For full details, please watch our live event.

If you miss this giveaway, please subscribe to our live feed on Facebook for the next Crochet Trivia Thursday event!

Peace + Love + Crochet